Manipulation – Annie B_ Gr 7


The Process




Day one:

Created a photo using two photos of myself and putting them together.


Lillian and I went outside and took a few photos. I used three photos of myself and put them all into one photo.

Third Project:

Today, we learned how to create multiple exposure effects. I used a photo of myself and added another photo of rain behind myself. I learned how to put a background inside of a silhouette of myself, and used a brush to make certain parts of my face pop from the rain.


I experimented with a few new techniques. These weren’t taught to us by the substitute, but I just clicked around photoshop and look at what happened. Lillian found a balloon and suggested that we use it in our photos. I used curves to make everything but the balloon and my face darker. I also used a photo from last class and used the pixelate feature to pixelate my face. Today I learned how to use a few new techniques that I didn’t know how to use before, such as applying an effect on only one selected part.


Today we learned how to animate and create gifs. I am finding great difficulty with this one, but I will keep trying. I used a photo from last class and tried to add rain in the background, but I thought that was too simple and wanted to make it more complex. I attempted to only add the rain to the balloon, but that didn’t seem to work either. I had an idea in mind, and that was to add lots of photos to the balloon and nothing else. However, that didn’t go as planned. \

Mr. Joel taught me how to apply the exposure effect to only to the balloon, and now my gif is complete. 😀


I sketched out an idea I have and took some photos. I later tried to put them together, but that wasn’t so successful, so I’ll try again soon. Also, the photos were a little different and there are a few adjustments I’d like to add the next time I take photos, such as positioning the scissors forward and not sideways so they’d be more visible, and adjust the lighting so there won’t be shadows on my face when Lillian stands on my left.

Seventh: (i think)

My project is about how the media manipulates people (there’s a reason for every detail, but to keep it short I won’t explain all of its meanings). It’s coming along pretty well, and I think I can get it done before next class.


Final Project Paragraph

It’s called Manipulation.

I represent “Truth.” The hands coming from the sides symbolize the media, bending and changing the truth at their will. The Media is snipping away pieces of the truth it doesn’t want the public to know about. Once it has been snipped off, it’s almost always gone forever, unless someone finds that specific strand, and finds a way to get it back together. Even when they find it, it’d still take lots of effort to restore it to what it was like before.



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