Sounds of the Garden – Henri


Art + 5 Senses Journal

ASK: How can I replicate the art garden sounds, including an interactive wind chime?

IMAGINE: There could be a speaker in the background, and the main attraction would be a wind chime with different sizes of bars hanging down, to replicate the actual wind chime. My goal is to make the sounds as realistic as possible, to make the person viewing feel like they are out in the garden.

PLAN: I will need a makey-makey for the different sounds of the wind chime, and I will also need a speaker to display the sounds of the rustling of the plants in the art garden. Then I might need to to have cardboard or thick paper or some other material that I can make the wind chime out of.

CREATE: Finding a sound for the background speaker proved very difficult. I tried recording sounds in the art garden, but there was music already playing, and my microphone was not picking up the wind. So, I tried looking online, but all the sounds required you to pay money. I couldn’t find any site that had free sounds. So, I decided to focus on the background and the actual wind chime, first. I took a couple photos of bricks in the art garden to be the background, put it into a 3 by 3, and printed separate papers out to make it into a poster-like picture. Then I did the same thing but 2 by 2, so I would put the title on that and put it right next to the actual production. I worked on getting the chime to be able to hang, but it was taking a long time so I didn’t want to waste time. I turned to getting the sounds, but like before, I couldn’t find much. So, I started working on the programming. I made a screenshot of it, but it’s not very complicated; its on the second page. After the break, when I arrived back at school, I used an Ipad to record the garden sounds and it worked great. It was a much higher quality than the microphone on the computer, so I decided to use that. There were a couple problems with what type the music was (m4a. versus wav.) but in the end I got it set up into the Scratch program.          

IMPROVE: For my next project, I would really like to try and not make it too complicated. My problem is, I come up with this really ambitious plan but I don’t have time to finish it. So my work comes out less than I wanted it to be. I would’ve added a couple extra effects that would bring out the “Garden” feel for the wind chime, but because of the time limit, I didn’t get to.

PLAN FOR RIGGING (Part of PLAN): I will have the wind chime hanging from the ceiling, so it will be positioned in front of a poster of bricks, to represent the wall of the school. Then I would have the wind chime would hang down from the ceiling in front of the bricks. There would be “Sounds of the Garden” written on the bricks, and the speaker would be at the top of the bricks.

USER EXPERIENCE: Small kids under the age of 7 will want to play with the wind chime and will enjoy listening to the different notes when they hit the bars. Older people might relax to the sounds and occasionally touch the wind chime to add some variety to the experience. I want to make it so it’s as if they are in the garden. 




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