Meet the teachers:  Joel  Jayamohan and Cesar Reyes

Joel Jayamohan. 

Joel Jayamohan is from India, this is his third year at TAS. He graduated from the prestigious Government College of Fine Arts, Chennai, where he studied painting and printmaking. Joel’s work as an artist has been shown internationally including the UN headquarters in New York, in galleries in London, Bangalore, Chandigarh, and Chennai. Before coming to TAS, Joel worked at the American International School Chennai, where he taught courses involving drawing, painting, printmaking, photography ( digital and analog), video and digital art.

Joel believes that students should be exposed to different mediums and techniques in the art, so that they can find a medium of choice, to be creative with. As a practicing artist, Joel is very aware of the creative process, and it helps him guide his students through the process of inquiry, the inception of ideas, incubation, accumulation of skill, and execution of idea into an artifact.

Joel also directs the RAD Studio  ( Robotics Art Design) an after-school club where students work on projects that use 3D design, 3D printing, interaction design using Makey Makey and Arduino.

You can see the art created by Joel’s students here Grade 7  –Grade 6 

Cesar Reyes, 

Cesar Reyes has worked at TAS for more than 10 years.  He has lived in New York City, Mexico City, and Honolulu primarily.  He graduated from Teachers College, Columbia University with an emphasis in architectural ceramics.  He currently teaches grade 6 and 8.  Over the course of his time at TAS, he has taught courses ranging from IB Art to 3D computer animation to Drawing and all middle school grades.  His students have created large-scale installations, collaborated with a local restaurant displaying work in their gallery, started the rooftop Art Garden, created animations and produced video art.

Cesar very much enjoys teaching at TAS and bringing out the best in each student’s creative qualities.

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