Just Smile -Gif- Sophia



Just Smile.


I started this project off of another idea of mine that had absolutely no correlation to this project except that I had a similar pose in the first frame/photo. My first idea was to have a picture of me sitting down and curled up in a ball as the shadow of me shows me as a monster: the theme of the picture was going to be “I am my own worst enemy”.


After a few classes, however I decided that this was not my best idea nor was I very interested in making it happen so I used the same picture as my base idea for this project. In the end, even though it may have altered from my original plan I was very pleased with the result.


This piece’s essential theme or message is that even though your life may seem horrible to you, with people’s insults thrown at you, if you find the power and strength inside of you then you can become stronger and that essentially starts with smiling. Smiling brings you the power to become the best that you can.
I know it sounds very cliche and cheesy but this is what I have found in my life to be true: that no matter what the situation may be if I grin and bear it I can get through it.


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