Mask – Anna

Final Project_print

For my final project I decided to separate my face as a mask in my hand.  I used several selections to separate my face and body onto a solid color layer, and using some layer masks I cleaned up the extra green parts showing.  For the dissolving effect I used liquify tool to pull out some bits (on a new layer), and with a dotted brush I used the color white and background color to create spots.  Then I used the dodge/burn tool to lighten and darken some parts.  For the “hole” in my face I first used a gradient tool, but changed it by changing the layer mode.  I also used the previously mentioned dodge/burn tool to make it look hollow.  At the end I used some contrast to show the picture.

The meaning of this project is that we are nothing under our faces.  Many people in our society create false personalities and images to seem realistic, yet underneath they are a hollow soul.  This shows that even if someone seems to be alive and real on the outside, they really are just empty inside.  Without their fake “masks”, they will start to disappear altogether (hence the dissolving part).

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