3D  Design and Printing – Additional Resources





Apps for editing Scans and other .stl files:




  • 123D catch – I-phone, Ipad
  • Cube Scanner – PC/ Mac
  • Asus Xtion pro live – PC, with few developer developing for Mac
  • Skanect – Software for Asus Xtion pro and Kinect


Tutorials etc.

Notes on getting 3D print ready files from Sketchup.

Download and install .stl extension from the extension warehouse within sketchup (Windows – Extension warehouse- sign in and install the .stl extension)

Create your object in sketchup, as long as your object looks white it will print, if it looks dark, right click and select reverse faces.

To get your file ready for 3D print go to

  • File and choose “Export to DXF or STL”
  • Select  millimeters as export unit
  • Select STL from the dropdown menu.

Your file is now ready for 3D printing.



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