Week 2: A Surprising Guest

After familiarizing myself with the plants around the garden and getting into a routine for my work here, this week has been full of new art projects! I started another painting, this time with acrylic, on an old canvas I found. Perhaps it was the incessant raining or the gloomy weather, but I was inspired to paint a dark and mysterious looking underwater siren. I also started the book of plants with gouache paintings of succulents and wisterias.


gouache and watercolor painting of wistera flowers


all kinds of succulents~

The IKEA furniture arrived on Monday but since it was still raining heavily, I decided to postpone assembling it. I’ve had to postpone several plans I have for the garden because of the rain, so I worked on my art projects instead. Interestingly, I came into the classroom on Monday to find a bird on the floor of the room! For the first half of the week, it managed to get into the room every time I let it out, but after the sun finally came out at the end of the week it flew away with its friends. (Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get a photo of it because it kept flying around the room)


more rain during the week


our lotus finally bloomed! 🙂


found an old canvas to paint over~


work in progress~


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