Week 3: New plants; new projects

Wow! How is it the end of week 3 already? It seems as if time is just flying by and pretty soon I’ll be halfway through my time here! I started the week by repotting some of the succulents and the wisteria plants that we bought, and moving them to a place in a garden where they’ll thrive more. I’m especially happy with what I did with the wisteria plants because they just keep growing! I also got the new furniture all assembled and all I have to do is find a place for them outside.


encountered a resident of the garden while watering plants~



repotting the succulents

I was lucky enough that Mr. Morris was at school this week to help me set up a ceramics area in the classroom. I learned how to recycle clay, set up the potter’s wheel, and the basics to wheel throwing. Now whenever I need a break from painting, I work on ceramics instead, and I try to practice my wheel throwing skills at least once everyday for an hour.

All set up!

All set up!

Mr. Morris doing a wheel throwing demo

Mr. Morris doing a wheel throwing demo

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