Week 4: Halfway through…

There was a small crisis in the garden in the beginning of the week as one of our trees was taken over by caterpillars, and they ate through most of the leaves! Fortunately, I remember asking my biology teacher about this before and he recommended spraying hot water on the pests to get rid of them. I tried the method twice during the day and it worked!

Unfortunately, progress this week has been slower than before because I was feeling under the weather after getting a cold…so I mostly stayed indoors to work on art projects after watering the plants. It seems surreal that I’ve already been in here for a month. I still have so much to get through and so many more projects that I want to create for the garden! I just hope I don’t run out of time…


can you spot the spider in the corner?



yay more lotus flowers!


lots and lots of beautiful blooms this week!


my poor trees…:(


tried to photograph the spider and its web


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