Week 8 – The End of a Journey

I cannot believe that my last week in the garden has come to an end! Over the past two┬ámonths, I’ve learned so much about caring for these plants, and being around them everyday has become part of my routine. I also got the opportunity to immerse myself in art again after many months of not creating. As my final addition to the garden, I decided to purchase some aquatic plants for the new mini water garden with the lotus! Hopefully they will have multiplied by the end of the fall to fill up the space in the tub, and I hope that the next time I come back, the lotus will be in full bloom just like they were when I began this experience.

week 8-4

shopping at the flower market!

week 8-2

orchids of every color


week 8-3

week 8-6

week 8-5


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