Welcome to 3D Design Club

Learning by designing.



 “ I learn to create things that I might be using in the future.”  – Ann  Gr.6.
Design is a problem solving process. At the Middle School 3D Design Club students learn to identify problems for which they can find design solutions. We are right now at media exploration stage, where we experiment with various methods of generating 3D design ideas, which we can then rapidly prototype using 3D printers. 3D design club promotes design thinking and provides students with the tools and ideas that they can expand on.

Students learn basic 3D design skills using Trimble Sketchup, they direct their own learning and pursue ideas that interest them personally. Some of the design ideas we have experimented with range from, i-phone cases to architectural complexes. Students develop spatial thinking, learn to anticipate possible challenges and identify probable solutions. The technology is the easiest and most rapidly evolving part, but focusing on creativity and adaptability will help us stay creative and relevant.

We now have 3D scanners that can scan an object, a person or a room in 3D which can then be incorporated into existing 3D designs.  In the hands of students the creative potential of this medium is limitless.

3D design club makes me feel like I am in another world. It lets my dreams come into reality, by letting my imagination out freely by creating things that benefit human society”  Austin  Gr. 6

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